Backing up your website

Backing up your website

Back when I use to do my website in HTML and CSS I would have to create many copies of my folders and put them in my extra hard drive, USB and even on CDs in case my laptop crashed or website went down.  WordPress has made backing up your website so much better.

First I am sure you are asking yourself – “Why should I back up my website?  Doesn’t it stay safe on the internet?”  The truth is… No.   If you don’t have good security for your website then any hacker can gain access and crash your website.   Other ways your website can go down is a bad update or something as simple as uploading a file to your website.

This is why backing up your website is important and should be one of your concerns when picking a hosting company.  I use WordPress which offers many backup options.

Here is a list:

WordPress Backup to Dropbox- In order to use these plugin you must have a dropbox account, this is the one I use the most

VaultPress- is one that you must pay to use VaultPress offers automated real-time cloud backup solution starting at $5 / month.

BackupBuddy- It allows you to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups and store them in whatever cloud storage you want

I would also suggest checking with your hosting company to see what they have to offer as far as backing up your website.


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