3 plugins every civil organization should have

The Events Calendar


The event calendar is a great way for people to know what you are doing and when you are having it. When people are looking to join a civil organization one of the first things they look at is how busy you are and with the event calendar your event will look top notch.

Check out the live demo http://wpshindig.com/events/




I cannot tell you how important it is to have a donation page on your website, the day of bake sales are over https://givewp.com/. Is a wonderfully WordPress plugin to support your cause from rising money for a new playground for the youth or building home for the veterans if you have a WordPress website Give is the perfect donation plugin.

How much does give coast?

Give is under the Freemium/Add-on model. Which mean they are a free plugin, They have a great support system that will help you figure out how to get it set up.



The Foogallery is great for you to show people images of what your civil organization is doing, it’s easy to use and really bring your website alive. It is a Responsive image gallery so no matter what device people are looking at your website from the images comes out great. There website is http://foo.gallery/

One of the best things about FooGallery is if you have images that have children in it the gallery can be password protected. Here how it is done


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